Out of the Abyss

Prisoners of the Drow

Our heroes, Jira, Lezi, Rubix and Milo first meet as prisoners of the drow, having been captured by their raiding parties to the surface to reinforce their slave labour. Having all been there for longer than any of them wished, they began to plot their escape.

They were not alone however, having quite a varied list of fellow prisoners with them. Among them are Ront, the orc who they find out is a bully first hand as he starts pushing around Stool. Rubix sprung to the myconid's defense, and was soon joined by the rest of the group. Now challenged, particularly by Jira, Ront falls in line.

Lezi strikes up a conversation with a hulking Quaggoth who interestingly talks in elvish. He calls himself Prince Derendil and claims to be an elvish prince cursed to this form.

Stool, very happy to be defended, seems very fond of Rubix, running around and rubbing up against him. He shakes and lets his rapport spores sink into the group, allowing them to communicate telepathically.

The group having scavenged various items in their time in captivity set about making a plan to escape their fate. Some Drow guards enter the slave pen to split the prisoners up for some labour when the group decide that this is the time to strike.

However the drow guard quickly show them their place as Jira is knocked out and Milo succumbed to the poison tip of a crossbow bolt, putting him to sleep. Lezi and Rubix surrender and are taken off to perform some duties.

They are escorted to the main hall where they are instructed to make a meal for some of the drow relaxing there. As they do they take the opportunity to take some things to help aid them in their next escape, namely a skewer and some medicinal fungi which Lezi hides in her hair.

Returned to their pen, with Jira and Milo rising from their enforced slumber, they decide to key the rest of the prisoners in on their escape plans. With a mixture of brute force and some deft skills with the skewer, a few of the manacles are removed to make their next escape easier.

When meal time came around though, luck seemed to be on their side. The food was brought by Jorlan, a visibly scarred drow who offered the prisoners a way of escape. He offered to leave the pen open and create a distraction during the next guard shift.

The offer was accepted and so the party got some rest in anticipation of the next guard change…


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